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About Us

“RC & Co, Receiver & Counsellor at Law” is a lawfirm formed by lawyers who already exist and have a lot of experiences in dealing with the legal issues faced by individuals and legal entities such as corporations as well as resolve the matter through litigation or non-litigation.

The existence of “RC & Co, Receiver & Counsellor at Law” supported by advocates who are reliable and have the experiences, skills, knowledge of the laws that have been tested, and the advocates have the ability to find a legal solution. The solutions for settling disputes or actions to be performed by “RC & Co, Receiver & Counsellor at Law” as the rule of law, which is useful for protecting the interests of the client as well as the prevention and the defense of various legal risk that have been and will be faced by the client.


“RC & Co, Receiver & Counsellor at Law” provides services in the field so flaw, including but not limited to:

  1. The Insurance Sector, among others:
  • Filling insurance claims payments;
  • Handling cases related to insurance issues in general, and so forth.
  1. The areas of Bankruptcy and Receiver, among others:
  • Apply bankruptcy, postponement of debt payments (PKPU);
  • Represented the respondent in the petition for bankruptcy or postponement of debt payments (PKPU); And others dealing with whole issues of bankruptcy.
  1. Services in the areas of Corporate matters, among others:
  • Debt restructuring;
  • Making business contracts;
  • Merger both an asset and stock acquisitions; Consolidation;
  • Legal Opinion & Legal Memorandum;
  • Issues related to the banking and economic law of sharia; and so forth.
  1. The areas of Capital Markets, among others:
  • Legal Opinions related to the capital markets; Legal Audit related to capital markets and so forth.
  1. The areas of Labor Law, among others:
  • Designing and making employment agreement or collective bargaining agreement between the labor union and the company;
  • Legal consultations related to labor law; and so forth.
  1. The field of Intellectual Property Rights, among others:
  • Apply for registration of trademarks/services, patent, copyright, commerce secret, and industrial design;
  • Apply an objection, rebuttal, appeal, as well as matters relating to crimes against intellectual property rights; and so forth.
  1. Other areas of Litigation, The District Court Level, High Courts, and the Supreme Court, based on competence.

As for the benefits derived by the company in this Retainer Client, among others:

  1. Get a Legal Opinion and Legal Advice appropriate to the legal issues facing the company;
  2. Providing advisory services if required from company in any legal actions by third parties or in connection with efforts to negotiate with counterparties of the company;
  3. Assisting and/or representing the legal interests of the company in case handling of criminal law either as a complainant or Mentoring is effective from the Police Offices, The Prosecutors, until the court proceeding in accordance with their competence;
  4. Assisting and representing the company’s legal interest related with civil law issues both inside and outside of the court;
  5. Related to the legal issues facing companies that have become Retainer Client, for which the issues continues to legal process for handling, the first between “RC & Co, Receiver & Counsellor at Law” with the company will discuss the technical and case handling mechanism with a separate aggrement.



“RC & Co, Receiver & Counsellor at Law” provides facilities to clients based on a relationship per-case and the special relationship as Retainer Client, where we are acting as a lawyer of the company. 

Specifically for this relationship is based on written agreement entered into by and between “RC & Co, Receiver & Counsellor at Law” with the company that would become Retainer Client, where the agreement is made for a period for at least 1 (one) year or in accordance with the needs of the company.

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