“RC & Co, Receiver & Counsellor at Law” is a lawfirm formed by lawyers who already exist and have a lot of experiences in dealing with the legal issues faced by individuals and legal entities such as corporations as well as resolve the matter through litigation or non-litigation.

The existence of “RC & Co, Receiver & Counsellor at Law” supported by advocates who are reliable and have the experiences, skills, knowledge of the laws that have been tested, and the advocates have the ability to find a legal solution. The solutions for settling disputes or actions to be performed by “RC & Co, Receiver & Counsellor at Law” as the rule of law, which is useful for protecting the interests of the client as well as the prevention and the defense of various legal risk that have been and will be faced by the client.

The advocates of “RC & Co, Receiver & Counsellor at Law” have experiences in handling litigations cases both Civil Law, Criminal Law, and The Laws of the State Administration. It has been proven professional with a superb strong teamwork with the skills and mastery of the formal and material legal basis, so that the client is satisfied with the performance of “RC & Co, Receiver & Counsellor at Law”. In the field of non-litigation cases ever hand- led including but not limited to: bankruptcy, insurance, capital market and IPO, contract manufacturing business, dealing with banking issues, intellec- tual property rights, merger, acquisition, consolidation, and labor.

This is what makes “RC & Co, Receiver & Counsellor at Law” dare publicize themselves and ouer legal services to individuals and legal entities that require consultation and other legal services.

We give you personal attention

We fight to protect your legal rights

We charge nothing unless we win!

Quality Representation

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